Understand what we do and who we are.

Delivering Information Technology and Business Solutions since 2008.

We focus on analyzing and coaching businesses into achieving results and finding balance between competition and customer satisfaction. We are transforming paradigms and turning failures and disappointments into opportunities for success. Most often, small shifts can produce major changes and build strong relationships.

Our Mission

The company mission is to provide best-of-breed and cutting edge business and technology solutions in software development, lifecycle management, cloud as well as on-premises computing, information management, and specialized services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the current culture of technology into a valued, renewable, intelligent (and independent), and sustainable solution to most critical issues. 

Our Values

  • We highly value Human knowledge and Skills in relation the current market, investing in continuous personal improvement and rewarding professional grown and commitment.
  • Quality of Life, along with Product Quality, along with job security and success are most important, regardless of financial gains.
  • Detach oneself from contemporary paradigmes while creating breakthrough solutions in a blue ocean of opportunities.

Fresh Start

We pride ourselves into reinventing our profession as technologies and requirements change. 

Since Moore's law forces us to keep on studying and learning new skills we tend to always be outisde our confort zone, recycling and abandoning what is old, in exchange for what survices.

Information technology pushes professionals to learn anew or to become obsolete. More than any other profession, like Accounting (average of 3 years recycling), Medicine (5 years) or even Human Resources (6 years) in IT, in order to stay competitive, one must be completely new every 18 months... what a challenge!


Since were always learning and experimenting... keeping up with the latest news and technologies, our potencial for finding suitable solutions is increased tenfold. We are praised by our ability to deliving stellar results, and yet being capable of minimal supervision and none babysitting.

Our Skills

Our main focus is in Information Technology, in creating fluid and efficient workflows and software applications. Yet lately our most sought after expertises fall into the DevOps, Cloud Computing and Software Development solutions.

    Application Lifecycle Management 80 %

  • Software Development 90 %

  • Business Analysis 40 %

  • Networking and Information Systems 80 %

Our Business Model
Customer Segments

Our relationship includes small business through large enterprises that focus on digital solutions for processes and issues.

Value Propositions

Knowledge is only an asset when is well used and implemented. The experience and know-how acquired over the years help business steer their paradigms and reach success. Our solutions are practical, cost effective and reliable.


Most sales occur via direct channels - onsite, referrals, workshops, events. Online marketing, promotions and social networking also boost public awareness and brand exposure.

Customer Relationships

Customer are highly regarded and contacted often for feedback and customer satisfaction. Open channels via skype, online chat, mobile and comercial lines, emails and direct parcels are also part of the communication approach, as it is deemed appropriate.

Revenue Streams
  • Direct Consulting and Coaching
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • Implementations of Solutions and Processes
  • Especialized services

Intellectual: years of experience and expertise and various areas, focusing on technology

Human: collective knowledge, effort and commitment deliver dependable teams

Key Activities

*Information Services = Management of Voice over IP services, including Asterisk, FreePBX, and VoIP related
infrastructure, such as IP phones and devices.
*Application Lifecycle Management = Consulting and coaching, including Scrum, Kanban, Visual Team Foundation
Server, Visual Studio (online and on-premises) Testing and Release Management
*On-Premises and Cloud Computing = Network Management and IT Support Services for Linux, Windows, Apples and
Portable Devices. Cloud Computing, Rack Infrastructure and Remote Configurations.
*Custom Software = Programming under various technologies, including C#, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery,
Angular.JS, PHP, XML, among others. Development of rich applications for Desktop and for the Web, under Windows
and Linux Environments.

Key Partnerships

We partner with all the major technology brands, in order to deliver the most reliable and dependable solutions:

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon (AWS) 
  • Hostinger Provider
  • Godaddy Provider
  • Dell Computers
  • Asterisk™
Cost Structure

Our prices are based on amount of value and expertise abroad various specialities and requirements

  • business
  • vision
  • mission
  • core
  • standards
  • value
  • model

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