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Communications suffer a ever so increasing demand over broadband and connections. Most often it is less expensive to host your own pbx system instead of forking out hundreds every month with telephone providers. In-house systems provide greater control of calls, expenditures and access to voicemail, conferencing channels, and plenty of other features, all included.

Service Details
Design, Delivery and Management of Voice over IP services, including Asterisk, FreePBX, and infrastructure related to VoIP, such as IP phones and devices.

Latest VoIP Technologies and devices, communicating effectively over the internet or itranet:

  • VoIP (sip and physical devices)
  • Asterisk (cards and software):
  • FreePBX and Sip configuration
  • Digium (cards)
  • Skype (online video calling)
Price per Hour
USD$ 60.00

Author :: Carlos Casalicchio
Last Update :: Monday, June 6, 2016:7:37 AM

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