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The SPLICE Group, 100% brazilian, has as starting point the establishment of the Sorocabana Telephony Network - CRTS, in 1962, in Sorocaba (SP);

In 1971 was founded the SPLICE of Brazil S / A, the Group's industrial arm, especializing in provisioning digital transmissions and networking infrastructure equipment, generating more than 10,000 direct and indirect jobs within the Brazilian Telecommunications industry;

The CRTS was sold in 1976 with the creation of the Telebras System, being one of the last companies to be incorporated into Telesp (SP);

The Splice has directed its activities mainly to the industrial sector and services highlighting the leading provider of digital transmission equipment and installation of transmission lines for optical fibers, with significant participation in the Brazilian telecommunications market.

In 1997, the SPLICE Group experienced a strategic shift, alienating part of its plant and acquiring the cable TV operations (along with Canbras), Internet (Splicenet) Paging (Access) and Mobile Telephony (BCP / BSE) ;

Within this plan, the SPLICE Group did acquired other companies in 1998 as the only truly national, buyer of public auctions in TELEBRÁS system. Acquired initially a controlling stake in Tele Centro Oeste (TCO) - Band A, in the Midwest, which the following year, acquired the Band B license in northern Brazil, and created the North Brazil Telecom (NBT);

The TCO and NBT had great prominence in the mobile industry through strong financial performance and strong social activities, being among the largest net profits and high appreciation of their actions. He has received several awards for its operational and social activities in the region;

Shifted focus again in 2003 due to various external economic shocks faced, globalization of the mobile industry, economic and Brazilian political instability and the technical challenges.

In April 2003 sold to Telesp Celular, the VIVO Group company, formed by Portugal Telecom and Telefonica of Spain, control of the TCO / NBT.

Currently the portfolio of businesses and investments of the Splice Group is divided into four new areas: Real Estate (Splice Urban Development), Infrastructure (BRVias - (Transbrasiliana and ViaRondon), Education (FACENS and Newton Paiva) and Urban Mobility.

Company Name: SPLICE Group

Company Website: http://www.splice.com.br/

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