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Opennology was formed with the word Open as it's foundation. Open ideas, Open concepts, Opennology. Our idea is simple, combine the best of what technology has to offer and apply it to our customers. Focusing on an OPEN mind of ideas and not constricting you to what is supposedly the only option. We want to offer our customers the oportunity to use all aspects of techology to improve their business, no closed doors here.

From online Cloud Solutions to Online Hosting, Open Source and Proprietary software we can assist you on combining the best for your business and not focusing on one solution. Creating this relationship with our customers, building trust and using our Open concept we believe is the best solution for today's IT needs. We don't want to be just another IT company, we want to create and establish a relationship, a foundation to which your business can grow and we can be a part of, that's thinking open, that's Opennology.

Company Name: Opennology LLC

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