Leisure at the nature's heart

Cottage style, only 2 miles from Botucatu, the Estancia Rei David (Nova Era) is the place where you will spend wonderful moments during the weekend with friends and family. The resort is extremely cozy. 

Located in a rural area, has plenty of fun spaces with swimming pools, a jacuzzi, soccer field, game room, quiske, barbecue fireplace, party hall and even a river.

Besides all these, there are:

  • Event hall
  • Fireplace
  • cabins
  • Apartments
  • Helicopter landing area
  • Large parking space
  • Surrounding activities

Company Name: Estância Rei David (Nova Era)

Company Website:

  • leisure
  • nature
  • woods
  • trees
  • botucatu

Author :: Carlos Casalicchio
Last Update :: Friday, November 27, 2015:3:34 AM

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