Skills in use

As we get involved in new projects, new skills are developed. That is what makes our job entertaining. And, since we tend to value a lot of skills, we make an effort to keep them up-to-date. These are the most used within our context.

Nonetheless, there are some other skills we an mention:

  • Human Resources and Personality mapping:
    • Graphology
    • MBTI
    • DiSC
    • Hartman Colors
    • Psychoanalysis
    • Physiognomy
  • Business and Life Coaching
    • Goal setting
    • Financial management and analysis
    • Business Plan development
    • Business Modeling
  • Translation and Events
    • Simultaneous and Consecutive
    • Transcriptions
    • Documents

Our Skills

Our main focus is in Information Technology, in creating fluid and efficient workflows and software applications. Yet lately our most sought after expertises fall into the DevOps, Cloud Computing and Software Development solutions.

    Application Lifecycle Management 80 %

  • Software Development 90 %

  • Business Analysis 40 %

  • Networking and Information Systems 80 %

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Author :: Carlos Casalicchio
Last Update :: Saturday, December 5, 2015:5:05 AM

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